Hello!  I’m so glad you’ve dropped by…Let me introduce myself.  My name is Michelle.  I am wife to John, homeschooling momma to five blessings from God, and daughter of the Most High King.

This blog began as a journal…a way to record and process what God was doing in my life.  I am not sure where He will go with this; but my prayer is that in this, as in all things, He will receive all the glory.

 Thank you for joining me, whether as one who finds encouragement here or one who encourages me on to greater holiness, I am truly thankful for your company.


7 thoughts on “About

  1. came across your piece on the loss in your family. So similar in description, at least the part about a dear father, gathered adult children, soon to be widow, and room of believers as the cancer won. A sad but awesome experience, this passing of a beloved father to THE FATHER>
    GOd Bless.

  2. Thanks for your fascinating site. Am searching for the hymn ” Give me an undivdied heart…” and came across your blog. So glad I visited. You might like to visit ours called generosity-alive.

    Kind regards,


  3. I found your website just after I wrote this. I googled heart undivided to make sure I wrote the write message in this. That is how I found this blog. I added the scripture to my journel. I am a home schooling mom of 4 and I have a son in heaven too. God bless its amazing how God works. Thanks for the wonderful site.

    I am a mother, I am a wife and I am God’s humble workman.
    24 hrs have I in a day. Searching and Seeking for there is no other way.
    I shall not be moved as I stand firm in your word.
    I will not be ashamed as I make my self heard.
    From the laughter you hear and the words from my mouth.
    I shall strive to make you proud.
    A heart undivided has nothing to fear.
    For you oh Lord are always near.
    In your word I find solace from your breath.
    Take me and mold me as I have nothing left.

  4. Hello Michelle,

    A message shared at a chapel the other month included an undivided section. It was much appreciated. Wondered if you might like to have the script for that part of the message?

    Trust all is going well. Have not seen a post for a while.

    Kind regards,


  5. David,
    Thank you for your kind words and thoughts. I’d love to see the message if you have time. I haven’t posted for a couple of reasons. #1–I have been super busy with homeschooling my 5 blessings and taking care of my mother in law and blogging hasn’t been the best use of the time God has entrusted to me. #2–God hasn’t put anything on my heart to write and I didn’t want to force it. I hope to get something up soon!

  6. Good to catch up with Undivided Heart again. Thanks for such an impacting site. Had not read from the different sectors before. Just the posts on the blog.

    Do trust you and all your family are doing well.

    Let me know if I omitted to send the notes of the message, part of which was on An Undivided Heart.

    Kind regards,


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