Christmas Opportunities

I’m blogging with a purpose here today. 

I think most of us are familiar with Salvation Army, Operation Christmas Child and Angel Tree (all of which are wonderful outreaches which I highly recommend), but I am wondering what other opportunities are you aware of to reach out to others at Christmastime?  I’m looking for opportunities to look beyond the consumer-driven mindset of buying “stuff” to invest my time and dollars in a way that invests in the lives of others and the Kingdom of God.

Here are a few that I really like that I’ve run across lately, but I am excited to learn what others have found:

1.  (LOVE this one)  Living Water International Gift Card:  your recipient enters the numbers from the gift card on their website, then gets to choose how that donation is spent.  He can choose to spend it all on one project or divide it up among several.  Also a bonus, LWI offers physical gift cards that they will mail to you or for the last minute shoppers they offer electronic gift cards.

2.  Voice of the Martyrs offers a Christmas Care pack for $25 which provides a Christmas Care Pack for a child who lives in an area where Christians are persecuted.  They also offer a Village Outreach Pack for $75 which supplies an evangelist with a small library of materials.  (I can look over my shoulder at a not-so-small library of materials which ministers to the village that lives inside my house and maybe my circle of friends…every member of my family has his or her own Bible and I am struck with the responsibility of such wealth.)

3.  I have recently become acquainted with Gospel for Asia.  This year, they are offering Gifts from the Stable, Gifts for the Poor, Gifts of Outreach, and Gifts for Missionaries.  You have got to go check them out.

4.  Kids Around the World is a local organization which ministers to children all over the world through building playgrounds, training children’s workers, and feeding children.  They have a few fun items for sale and each item specifies how many meals are provided with your purchase.

5.  For $35, you can provide one person with a lifetime of clean water through Persecution Project Foundation’s 100 Wells Project.  In return, you can choose either a T-shirt or a lovely blue bracelet for your gift recipient.

Please leave me a comment and let me know what ways your family has found to look beyond the “stuff” at Christmas.  I am excited to learn how we can keep it real this year!


2 thoughts on “Christmas Opportunities

  1. Thanks so much Michelle for your latest post.

    I’d love to share it on the generosity-alive site, if you are happy for that to happen. Believe you are “right on target” as we say in sharing about these very creative and meaningful ways of sharing with others.

    You might like to explore the Living Generously site which I find excellent: and also the Gogo-Oilve site The Global Handicrafts is great too:

    Do let me know if you would like to hear of others….

    Kind regards,


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