Works for Me!

Wow!  Has it really been this long since I have had a thought worth writing in my online journal?  Scary.

I have found a wonderful new (to me) blog called Raising Olives that I have been enjoying immensely. It is here that I found the instructions on how to make darling little seeded bobby pins for my daughters (mine are pretty plain~not nearly as fancy as the ones she pictures~ but still pretty darn cute and a closer match to my personal style anyway.) It is also here where I found out how to turn your entire wall (or anything else) into a chalkboard We considered painting our prospective chalkboard the same color as the rest of the kitchen, but then decided that plain black would offer more contrast for colorful sidewalk chalk on rainy days and during the long, cold, northern IL winters for budding artists and bored preschoolers.

One of the features at Raising Olives is “Works for Me Wednesday” I’m not sure that my tip qualifies for WFMW, but hey, it works for me. :o) I discovered this one completely by accident. We have a darling little red wagon~the kind with the hydraulic tires that you have to order through a farm supply catalog~ that I bought when my bigs were littles and I was parenting by peers (more on that later). It has served us well over the years. The wooden frame got pretty well beaten up and Nathan lovingly rebuilt it as a 4-H project the summer Emma was born. (He also learned to use the power saw and electric drill that summer and I have the gray hairs to prove it, but I’m getting distracted.) The said wagon happened to be left near the clothesline the other day when I was hanging out laundry, so I set the basket of wet, heavy clothes in it. Wow! The basket sat much higher off the ground so I didn’t have to stoop down as far and rolling the clothes down the line instead of constantly picking up the basket to move it both were much easier on my back and saved me a lot of time. Here is a picture of our wagon with the clothes by the line. I briefly considered placing a clothes basket in the wagon for artistic reasons, but honestly, it was already in the house being used for other purposes by that time and it seemed a little silly; but please feel free to use your imagination.


One thought on “Works for Me!

  1. Great idea to use a wagon. I do not have a yard that is suitable for a clothesline but our patio is in the perfect spot so I use a clothes drying rack and I place my basket on the patio table. Viola no more bending to the ground.

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