Update on Sam

Many thanks to all who have been praying for Samuel over the last month.  The steps we took around Labor Day to refer him to Early Intervention for screening were entirely appropriate at the time, but over the last month we have seen him gain what seems to be a lot of weight; there will be a weight check next week to be sure.  Along with the added weight has come added strength and added skills, so when the developmental therapist screened him today, we found out he was only about a month behind schedule in the areas we were concerned about.  She gave us some things to work on and said she’d recommend keeping an eye on him and retesting in 3 months.  We’ll meet with the physical therapist in a couple of weeks, but I doubt she’ll have any concerns either.

It didn’t have to be this way.  John and I are acutely aware things could have been much worse.  Samuel’s turnaround has been so dramatic that it is evident it is in answer to prayer and we are thankful.


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