Do and do?

I learned something new in my quiet time today.  Lately, I’ve been studying the book of 1 Samuel using Kay Arthur’s inductive Bible studies.  Today I was going over ch. 3 for the last time before moving on. 

1 Sam. 3:1 says that “The boy Samuel ministered before the Lord under Eli.”, while v. 7 tells us that “Samuel did not yet know the Lord” because the Lord had not yet revealed himself to him.  What an empty picture of ministering before the Lord without knowing Him!  Did Eli, as Samuel’s father figure raise Samuel the way that he had raised his own sons, Hophni and Phineas?  Did that explain why they treated the Lord’s offering with contempt?  That they had been ministering before the Lord all these years without knowing Him?  without loving Him?  without fearing Him?  Had Eli raised his sons to see ministry as do and do and rule on rule?  Was part of the reason God judged Eli not just that he had failed to restrain his sons, but that he had raised them without teaching them to know and love the Lord?

As exciting as fresh insight into the Word is, it’s academic if I do not ask myself, what about me?  In our home is it do and do and rule on rule?  Or do my children learn to really love the Lord for who He is?  Do they fear Him for his holiness?  Do they see it in me?


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