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There is something about being pregnant that seems to give other people permission to touch your body.  Usually I am a touch-only-when-invited kind of person, and even more so when I’m feeling all hormonal and crazy and generally uncomfortable; make that really uncomfortable.  But I have found that the people who are reaching out to touch my belly uninvited, although a tad bid annoying don’t really bother me all that much because they are demonstrating how happy they are for me and how excited they are about my baby.  Consider on the other hand a recent exchange with a professional at the  doctor’s office:  C:  “So, you’re getting close, huh?”  Michelle:  “Yes, another 3 weeks or so.”  C:  “So how many does this make for you?”  Michelle:  “This will be our fifth.”  C:  “What are you, nuts?!”  I can’t tell you how common this exchange is and at this point in the conversation I usually smile and say “No, just surprised…” but during this particular exchange I was wondering how many people get that if they don’t know me well enough to know how many children I have, they probably don’t know me well enough to know if what they just said was really hurtful or offensive to me.  Oh, and another note to people who feel the freedom to make uninvited comments, I’ve always taught my children it’s not kind or polite to make comments about a person’s physical appearance unless they are complimentary.  That doesn’t cease to be true when a person is pregnant, so comments like “you’re huge” or “you look like you’re ready to pop” aren’t really very helpful either.  Thanks.

On a more cheerful note, ever since Holly convinced me to try cloth diapers this time around and her musings on being “crunchy“, I’ve been thinking about other ways to incorporate this philosophy.  Although I detest the attempt to mindwash me into the Green religion, (not by you Holly!  I meant the popular culture in general!!)  I couldn’t help but be drawn to an article on “green” housecleaning in our local paper the other day.  For me, being crunchy is all about good stewardship…of our time, of our money , and yes, of our environment.  So if “green” housecleaning saves me money and is helpful to the environment and doesn’t take up more of my time, why not give it a try?  I found the following housecleaning recipes at about.com:

Homemade Glass Cleaner

From Sarah Aguirre,
Your Guide to Housekeeping.
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Ingredients 1 cup rubbing alcohol ,1 cup water ,1 tablespoon vinegar.   Using isopropyl alcohol and white vinegar together makes a quickly evaporating spray glass and mirror cleaner that competes with national brands. This can also be used to give a nice shine to hard tiles, chrome, and other surfaces.

Recipe For Homemade Furniture Polish

From Sarah Aguirre,
Your Guide to Housekeeping.
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 Ingredients 1 cup olive oil , 1/2 cup lemon juice.   Mix together in a clean new spray bottle. To use, remember to shake before each application. Apply a small portion to your cleaning cloth. Spread the polish over the furniture, trying to polish evenly. Use another clean cloth to polish the surface dry.

Recipe for Homemade Surface Cleaner

From Sarah Aguirre,
Your Guide to Housekeeping.
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 Homemade Surface Cleaner Ingredients 1 cup white vinegar , 1 cup water.   Mix together in a spray bottle, and you’ll have your own multi-purpose cleaner. Most useful in the bathroom and kitchen on surfaces.I can tell you I’ve tried the furniture polish recipe once before on our entertainment center and the results were beautiful.  That reminds me, it’s due for another polishing…

edit 4/5/08:  Here’s another super-cheap, good stewardship housekeeping tip I got from my Dad–Instead of using expensive, caustic drain cleaners, try boiling water!  Obviously, one need to use caution around littles, but the boiling water eats through just about anything that is hanging around in your pipes.  We tried it in our bathroom sink which regularly runs at slow or stop and it worked like a charm.


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