Favorite Things, Vol. 2

*  Emma vacuuming the rug all by herself in her pajamas…

*  “My fever is all gone, Jesus took it from me.”  (Emma the day after she was down with fever/bad headaches all day)

*  Anna reading to her sister on the couch…

*  Gabriel, Nathan, and Anna reading from the Bible during devotions…

*  Gabriel fitting in and having a good time at a youth group party this afternoon…

*  Nathan’s constant faithfulness, helping whenever he can…

*  Hearing my grandmother’s belly laugh when I told her that “octogenarian” was just a nice way of saying “you’re an old woman”  (I don’t think I’ve ever heard her let loose like that before.)

*  The privilege of soaking her (Grandma’s) feet, scrubbing the dry skin away, trimming her toenails, and massaging her feet and ankles with cream.  Pedicures are something I give to my sisters or nieces.  Knowing this was something she couldn’t do for herself, made it more like a foot washing for me.  (Which is kind of a God-thing, because Grandma took me to a foot washing ceremony on Maundy Thursday a couple of years ago and I was wishing I could do that again.) 

*  Counting fetal movements and getting to 10 in under a minute..I love those movements..  every kick, every roll, every stretch (well almost every stretch–there are a couple that really hurt, I could do without those).. brings me such comfort to know that Baby is growing and getting stronger and the time is drawing near when we can meet face to face.

* My rocking chair.. we brought it down from storage this week and somehow found room for one more piece of furniture in our little living room so I’d have something to rock the baby in.  Mmmmmmm, it’s so comfortable.  I sit in it and almost forget how uncomfortable I am.  And along those lines, I just got my Sleepy Wrap in the mail today and since Emma opened it up anyway, decided to try it out.  Wow is it comfy!

*  (3/16 edit) Oops!  I forgot to add the dozen, very beautiful, long stem, yellow roses with dark red edges I got from my dad the other day.  I love being the wife of a Lion and the daughter of one.  I am so blessed by fresh cut flowers, but it is not a reasonable expense right now (and there aren’t many of them out in the hog house anyway ;o)  Since this is the main fundraiser for the Lions Clubs in our area I am blessed twice!  There’s nothing that motivates me to keep the kitchen clean like a vase full of fresh flowers to enjoy!!  The next flowers to enjoy will be the bouquets of dandelions my children bring me from our yard.  They still make me a little weepy, because Gabe and Nathan are still so faithful to bring them to me, only now that they are big they make sure to pick the longest, strongest dandilions and they pick a large bouquet of them.  These flowers deserve just as much honor on my counter as my long stemmed roses.

There are so many things to be thankful for every day.  It is so much easier to live a life of contentment when our eyes are open to opportunities for gratitude.


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