Happy New Year!!!

Christmas is always so rushed and chaotic for our family, but New Years gives us an opportunity to slow down a little and really enjoy spending time together as a family and establishing our family traditions.

Since we have been called as a family to help take care of John’s parents (now his mother), we have established a New Years Eve tradition of inviting over “the grandmas”, which include my parents and each of their widowed mothers.  I make dinner for everybody and we celebrate Mavis’ birthday, which just happens to be on New Years Eve.  We filled the evening with coversation and games (Probe and “The Name Game”) and thoroughly enjoyed the time spent together.

This morning, John and I made a brunch of scrambled eggs, sausage, and beignets.  My husband first became infatuated with this pillowy delight on our honeymoon in New Orleans.  Arguably there is no nutritive value to them whatsoever, but New Years Day only comes once per year.

We received somewhere between 4″ and 6″ of snow yesterday/last night.  It’s hard to tell because the wind has picked up and now there is a good deal of drifting going on in the yard.  This is an inconvenience/major pain for the grown-ups who have to work and drive, but it is the stuff winter vacations are made of if you are a child who has been outfitted with new snowpants/boots/hats/gloves for Christmas.  The girls are outside delighting in the stuff, but I expect the real fun will start once John blows the snow out of the driveway, providing the boys with the beginnings of snow forts.

I hope you and your families are enjoying a fresh start to 2008 and invite you to share any New Years traditions you keep.


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