I think I’m getting crunchy….

Holly has a really great post about conservation, being Christian and crunchy, but not green. It echos so much of what has been swimming around in my mind and heart lately. We’re not quite as disciplined as their family is; because, hey, I really like my showers and so do the rest of the family, but so much of what she says rings true. I really encourage you to check it out.


The Power of Touch

We are a rather tactile family.  We like to snuggle and hug, give backrubs, and scratches.  The other day, John was giving me just such a hug in the kitchen, when we heard a voice cry out “Me next!  Me next!  I want one too!”  It wasn’t any of the children, it was his mother.

What a powerful need God has created in all of us for holy, healthy touch.  It made me mindful of my grandmother who has been widowed since 1973, my other grandmother who has been widowed for a couple of years now, and others who are single, but not by their choice.