Reformation Day/All Saint’s Day

Yesterday, the kids and Mavis and I watched the movie Luther.  Later in the evening, we had a few people over to celebrate the Reformation.  In the midst of the fun and fellowship, Nathan made up a little song, which I found so funny I wanted to share it here.  (To all my Catholic brothers and sisters, please understand I don’t intend this to hurt or offend you, please just take it in the fun it is inteded with.)

95 Theses

(sung to the tune of 100 bottles of _______ on the wall)


95 theses on the church door tonight,

95 theses there tonight,

The Pope tore one down,

Burned it on the ground,

94 theses on the church door tonight.


(Coninue down the line until you run out of theses.)

One of the things that made this especially funny was that Nathan (who is my master of accents) sung this with a heavy southern twang…kind of rockabilly.  My mom wryly suggested that perhaps he was from southern Germany?

 There has been some interest from the peanut gallery about All Saint’s Day (today) and what it means.  Chuck Colson gave a really nice history of it in yesterday’s Breakpoint Commentary.  Following his advice, we’ll probably follow up with some stories about those saints who have gone before us today during read aloud time.


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