Suffering Disgrace

giftsgraphic.jpg 82.  Acts 5:41  “The apostles left the Sanhedrin, rejoicing because they had been counted worthy of suffering disgrace for the Name.”  This verse came across my attention this morning during our family Bible time.  I admit I am struggling with putting this one up here under something to be thankful for, because I have recently had occasion to “suffer disgrace for the Name”, or at least I think I have; and thankfulness is not the first emotion that has jumped to the forefront.  As we read through this verse, God’s Spirit spoke to my soul (under the guise of teaching my children as He sometimes does when He needs to teach me something) and reminded me that these men had just been beaten very badly.  They were undoubtably in pain and yet they rejoiced because they had suffered for the sake of remaining true to the Lord Jesus Christ.  Can I not do the same?  Yes, I am hurt; but I can also rejoice and that brings some comfort to my weepy soul.



giftsgraphic.jpg  80.  The corn harvest has been just amazing this year!!!  John has been working diligently at increasing the productivity of the land for many years now, and the Lord has sent us ideal growing conditions this summer.  In the midst of my gratitude, I am very mindful that not all my fellow farmers received all the rain that we did.  While travelling through Wisconsin and Minnesota this past August, we were struck with how dry everything looked. 

Edmund would have loved to have seen a harvest like this one.  When John and I married Edmund had already retired, but kept busy driving tractors and being helpful to John.  After he grew too weak (and sick?), he still delighted, lived for “getting the report” from the field.

81.  “I want pray”…This is what our youngest says to me after she has served her time in time out.  She is the first of our children to do this, but is touches my heart so that she wants to be reconciled to God as much as she wants to be reconciled to the person she has offended.

Presidential Candidates Quiz

My friend, Kirsten sent me this link.  It’s a little early for me to get too worked up over the presidential election, but it was really interesting how the different candidates agreed/disagreed with me on different issues.  I can’t wait for John to take the quiz so we can discuss the results!