More Thankfulness


74. September 28th–The day the love of my life was born.  Happy Birthday, Honey!!!

75.  Watching Mavis help Anna with her math homework.  This is so satisfying because Mavis is really good with math and Anna really needs the help and the two of them don’t always know how to get along with each other, but whenever Mavis offers, Anna runs to take her up on it.  Mavis doesn’t “teach” the way I’d like, but they get the job done.

76. Our check-writing software–it used to take me ALL DAY LONG every Friday to pay the farm’s bills then it would take John all night to get them entered in his record keeping software.  Now I can get it done while the kids take piano lessons (an hour and a half total) and they are entered automatically.  I am sooo thankful for this time-saving device.

77-78.  While I’m thinking of it, let’s add the automatic dishwasher and the washing machine/dryer as well!!

79. Watching God at work in the lives of others.  I have “seen” two very powerful examples of such in the past 24 hrs.  It’s such a faith-builder.


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