Suspended between two worlds….

World #1:  Since Edmund’s passing this summer, my dear mother-in-law has become increasingly dependent on our family in general and me in particular.  My role as caretaker has definately been kicked up a notch or two.  I’m not complaining…this is what I expected and what I willingly signed on for.  Mavis is a much-loved extension of our own family, being effortlessly absorbed into whatever we happen to be doing that evening.  Fortunately for us, she is easy to please, just enjoying being a part of normal family life.

World #2:  I am in the throes of 1st trimester pregnancy symptoms.  The “morning” sickness which comes and goes all day long and the never-ending fatigue are my constant companions.  Physically, I’m not up to keeping everything running the way it should.  By the time Mavis comes over in the afternoon after the homemaker has gone home, I am pretty well wrung out.  Being the person she is, she delights in doing whatever her hands find to do, whether it is washing a sinkful of dishes or folding a basket or two of laundry.  Without her help on a daily basis, I’m afraid the house would get out of control pretty quickly.

I have been struggling with this suspension between two worlds for a couple of weeks now…I am supposed to be taking care of her, she is not supposed to be taking care of me.  I have felt like I am taking advantage of her somehow.  In reality it is God who is  taking care of both of us.  How creative of our God to take her strengths and use them to meet my need and give her a sense of usefulness and purpose at the same time.  How creative of our God to take what strengths I offer to give back in some small way to a woman who has given so much to our family over the years.


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