What’s wrong with large families?

In addition to this being the week we celebrate our anniversary, Labor Day weekend usually finds our family in my hometown of Paw Paw.  They host quite a celebration for a small town with a parade, an antique car show, free rides sponsored by the bank, and a tractor pull (and that’s just Monday).  We used to attend because we were helping my dad man the Lion’s lunch stand, but more recently we are pulled in because the kids like to ride the 4-H float in the parade.

While in Paw Paw this past Monday, I met up with two of my former classmates.  Somehow the conversation turned to larger families (I couldn’t tell you how exactly, it just sort of snuck up) and I was saddened and taken aback how disdainfully they spoke of them.  They clearly gave the impression they were too smart and sophisticated to have more than one or two children.

John and I have never considered 4 children to be a “large” family.  We had always wanted to have a large family and felt like 4 was closer to what we had in mind than 3, but not large.  But you see, I recently found out that we are expecting #5 in April.  We will be the same size as some of the families my classmates were speaking so disdainfully of.  Suddenly it was more personal.  Good time to reevaluate whether my fear was of God or of man. 


One thought on “What’s wrong with large families?

  1. And I offer my congratulations again! 🙂 I am very happy and delighted for you. This little one will be such a blessing to you. Some day you will look back and be amazed at what God knew that you did not!

    What you experienced is something that I generally experience every day. It makes me very sad – and I don’t really know how to handle it. My husband does so well – he LIKES being different. I like having a large family – but I don’t like the general disdain. I am trying to learn the balance of just enjoying them, realizing that I can’t/won’t change everyone’s minds – but that hopefully we can leave a positive impact.

    Love to you!

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