Bang, Thump, Whirr, Buzz

During worship service, our former pastor would ask if we had seen God at work during the previous week.  I don’t know that I can say I see God at work, but I can sure hear Him doin’ somethin’ in His workshop!

The Lord has recently awakened interests and passions for His kingdom that I had forgotten I had, or at least they were soundly asleep.  He has begun to make me aware of others in my church who may share those interests and passions.

Gentle friend, as the Father brings me to your mind would you please pray that He would speak very clearly to John and I regarding what my next step should be and that we would be quick to listen, discern, and obey?  Is it God’s will that I continue to devote myself to caretaking of John’s mother?  Does He intend that we go through a season of healing and attending solely to the needs of my children?  Or that a new ministry I hear Him building in the basement?


4 thoughts on “Bang, Thump, Whirr, Buzz

  1. Hey Michelle –

    Just wanted to stop by before I head off to bed.

    FIRST: you’ve been in my prayers a LOT the last several weeks!

    Second: I left you a comment in response on my blog…here’s what I said in case you don’t make it back over:

    Michelle –

    I hope you come back to read what I say! 🙂

    If you can read thru the comments, you will see that I say much of the same things that you say! 🙂 Not really a different perspective, even!

    Love – Holly

  2. That is a funny story Michelle. My mom cut my dad’s hair when they retired be he was oh, so very particular. It was a real challenge for mom, especially before she had her cataract surgery…his white hair was very difficult for her to see.

    We are having our 15th wedding anniversary in September as well. Ours is the 18th of Septemeber, how about you?


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