Turn the Corner, A Sad Goodbye

hospital.jpegTomorrow will mark two weeks since my very much loved father-in-law passed away.  The new chemotherapy medication he was on combined with the myeloma already in his bone marrow suppressed his production of white blood cells until he developed pneumonia.  The doctors did everything within human ability and medical science, but the Lord started shutting down his body, giving us all fair warning He was calling Edmund Home.  All of John’s brothers and sisters were home his final week in the hospital and my mother and sisters selflessly took care of my children any time I asked them to so that I could be at the hospital the entire time.  The picture above was taken on Thursday of his final week (with a cell phone hence the poor quality) when he rallied for a brief time.  His organ systems quickly began shutting down the following day.

The Sunday before he passed, John’s brother James (a pastor) conducted a very brief church service in the ICU.  We sang “Blessed Assurance”, Nathan read some selected scriptures, and James gave us all communion with a bagel from the hospital cafeteria and some leftover Sangria smuggled in from the previous evening’s dinner.  (The wine was served in medication cups and the children were given water).  It was simultaneously exceedingly funny and exceedingly holy.  We later commented that our family had broken all of the hospital’s rules in one morning. 

In the week that followed I was surprised by the depth of my grief, the all-suffieciency of God’s grace, and the generosity of friends and neighbors.

God has begun to show us Mavis’ new needs in a life without Edmund and has begun to unfold His plan for meeting those needs.  It is not by the way, what I had envisioned nor what John’s siblings had envisioned, but something entirely different, reminding me that our ways are not His and that His thoughts are infinitely higher than ours.


5 thoughts on “Turn the Corner, A Sad Goodbye

  1. came across your piece on the loss in your family. So similar in description to our experience, at least the part about a dear father, gathered adult children, soon to be widow, and room of believers as the cancer won. A sad but awesome experience, this passing of a beloved father to THE FATHER>
    GOd Bless.

  2. Patricia,
    I’m so glad you came by…I thought that after all this time, no one would bother to check anymore. Thank you so much for the hugs, you are an encouragement to me.

    Onegirlfriday, thank you for your encouragement, I hope you come back soon.

  3. I agree with Patricia, what a lovely tribute to your FIL. Your dedication and loving care for your family is awe-inspiring.

    With love and blessings!

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