A Return to the Old Man (it’s a good thing)

I don’t know why I didn’t see it at the time.  I don’t know why the Lord didn’t make clear to me what happened until last night when John and I were out to dinner and we were talking.

I had taken Edmund to the pain clinic and we were on the way home.  I said “Oh dear, I was supposed to stop by the library and pick up Nathan’s book on the way home.”  (I should have taken a different route to do this.) 

Immediately, Edmund sat taller and started guiding me through the backstreets of DeKalb until we had reached the library.  I had a need and he could meet it.  No more was he the tired, haggard old man dozing off in the front seat.  He was for that brief moment his old self again, speaking kindly but authoritatively, completely alert, completely in the moment focused on the need at hand instead of his physical condition.

Oh dear Father, burn this picture in my mind.  It is a precious jewel, a gift from You.  Thank you so much.


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