Bible Blues

Upon graduation from high school, my church presented me with a copy of the NIV Study Bible.  (Keep in mind, it was a congregation of fewer than 100 people and there were three of us graduating that year, so it was a significant expense.) 

I loved that Bible.  It had all my study notes in it from early on in my spiritual infancy…gems of wisdom from the different pastors and teachers I had learned from over the years.  Then I became a mommy…..

When the boys were littles, I was too overwhelmed to even have a daily quiet time, so that Bible was pretty safe. (sadly)  When Anna was born, the Lord used the trials in our lives to bring me back into daily fellowship with him.  Not surprisingly, my Bible became much more marked up than I had left it.  Little fingers artfully decorated the pages with highlighter.  Sigh, disappointing, but forgiveable.  Then those little fingers discovered how wonderful the pages of the Bible felt and before I knew it, then entire book of 1 Timothy had been ripped out.  Sigh again.  Now I had to replace my beloved Bible.

Up to the Christian bookstore I go, carefully examining each edition to see which is the best.  In the end, I find I’m spending too much time on this decision and get another one exactly like the one I had.  Within a couple of months (I kid you not) the entire book of Genesis fell out!  Of course, all Bible sales are final and I wasn’t anxious to drop another $50, so I carefully glued it back in place.  (If anyone from Zondervan is reading, I suggest you alert the people in quality control that you don’t make them like you used to!)  Since that time I have now glued the cover on (twice) and this weekend I wrapped the entire thing in duct tape out of frustration.  (At least it was black duct tape, not that ugly gray stuff; and I do have a Bible holder so no one can see it but me.)  Then yesterday, as we were having family devotions, a new set of little fingers discovered the wonder of God’s word and Emma ripped a page from Isaiah right out.  Thankfully, by now I’m getting pretty good at taping it back together. ;o)

 This is the price of family.  It isn’t always pretty, but it’s definately worth it.


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