Did I mention how rotten I am at gardening?  To add insult to injury is the price of garden plants.  Some vegetables I can plant from seed, like lettuce, spinach, squash, and beans.  Others I really need to just transplant garden plants–like broccoli, peppers, eggplant, and tomatoes (I use the Dan Quale spelling just to be stubborn.)  Now I know that theoretically you can plant all these from seed directly in the garden, but I don’t want to.  I guess I’m not patient enough. 

So this spring, the kids and I are planting a large variety of garden vegetables, kitchen herbs, and a few perennial flowers from seed to transplant later.  Actually, the plan is to plant what we need and sell the rest.  The entrepeneurial side to this idea really excites my husband.  We tried this once before, but ended up frying the little seedlings under a tent made of vis-queen meant to keep them from freezing. 

So everyone has a role to play.  I let Anna plant a few seeds for fine motor practice, but this wears her out pretty fast, so this is mostly the boys’ job.  Anna’s job is to give the thirsty seeds a drink by spritzing them with a spray bottle.

When Anna and I went over to the new addition to water the seeds today, we found that the Thyme seeds had begun to sprout. (These are the first ones to do so.)  Anna was so excited, she practically squealed “Sprouts!!”  I asked her to remember the sprouts so she could report back to her brothers and that they were thyme sprouts.  On the way back, she asked “When they get bigger, will they grow clocks and watches?”

“No honey, that’s a different kind of time.  This kind is a kitchen herb that I use to make pizza sauce and bean soup.”

Now I gotta tell you that I thought the amount of things we’re not getting done this year would bother my overachieving self a lot more than it has.  Somehow, walking home from spritzing seedlings hand-in-hand with my daughter talking about thyme felt really good in a deep part of my soul. (Due in no small part to all your encouragement, Dawn~thank you!)  It takes day by day faith and it’s not exactly ground I’m comfortable walking, but it feels right in a way that I never expected.


6 thoughts on “Sprouts!!

  1. Thanks Holly. I hope we have the endurance to stick it out when the weather gets hot and the work is no longer fun or that I will give myself permission to wait for the harvest to be preserved to start intensive homeschooling in the fall. Those are the two areas where it usually breaks down for me.

  2. I am wanting to grow a garden again..last year we slipped up and just never got it going. It was such a treat to see my youngest all excited to bring me fresh veggies that he picked himself and had watched every step of the way…so proud!

  3. Rindy,

    I’m a big believer in seasons. Last year, We planted a really nice garden, then in June when things really got going, my father-in-law was diagnosed with cancer. I realized it was not the season for me to do the garden thing and it didn’t even fase me that I let the food go to waste…I just had to concentrate on Edmund’s health. Hopefully this will be a better summer. You’ll have to let me know how it goes for you this year!

  4. walking home from spritzing seedlings hand-in-hand with my daughter talking about thyme felt really good in a deep part of my soul

    It feels really good in a deep part of MY soul, just to read it. I can’t imagine what a delicious time that would have been for you two.

    I am rejoicing with and for you my friend, it sounds like Father is leading you beside still waters. Rest well, dear one, rest well.

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