So What About College?

There’s an interesting post about higher education on World Magazine’s blog today.  At first glance, I think it’s something that homeschoolers instinctively know and is contributing to the rise in homeschooling in both secular and religiously-minded circles.

The important point of the article, although it was only briefly mentioned, isn’t so much that “college isn’t for everyone” but that there is equal value in God’s economy for the tradesman and academic elite. There is also good money to be made for those who practice a trade. (Anybody know the going rate for an auto mechanic? How about for the person who installs/services your heating & cooling system?) So where’s the problem? I think it comes down to status..pride..fear of man.

When I was finishing high school, it was just expected that we would all go to college. The same was true of my husband’s family. Now that I have children of my own (and my time with the bigs will be coming to an end all too quickly) what will John and I counsel them regarding higher education? This is a matter of prayer to be sure.


2 thoughts on “So What About College?

  1. Michelle, thanks so much for visiting and commenting on my blog! I’d love to know how you’re familiar with the radio stations. Your blog looks wonderful, and I’ll definitely be back.

  2. Cindy~
    Wow! Thanks for coming by! I listened to WQFL in college and as a single woman living in Rockford. I’ve been married for almost 15 years to John and we live south of town quite a ways on his farm raising pigs and kids ;o). WQFL doesn’t come in this far south, but I like to listen to POV on WGSL when I happen to be out and about with the kids.

    Congratulations on the grandbaby! I had no idea.

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