Lenten Devotions

To all my sisters who participated in the book study of “No Ordinary Home” by Carol Brazo, remember the Easter Tree with all those wonderful ornaments she described in the chapters on Easter and Lent?  A little intimidating, but it sounded really great.

The kids and I are just finishing up our study of Exodus.  (Well….to be more precise we’re finishing up as much of Exodus as we wanted to do.  We’ve read up through and memorized the Ten Commandments.) I think the kids are ready for (and deserve!) a change of pace.  So, from now until Easter, our Bible time will be covering Mrs. Brazo’s Lenten devotions (minus the Easter tree~ I just don’t have the heart, stamina, or energy for a really involved craft project this year).  As is usually the case for me, I’m starting a little late.  (Ash Wednesday wasn’t on my calendar this year, so I missed it.)  Not to worry, the kids are well accustomed to doing two devotions per day until Mom catches up ;o) 


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