The Value of Rest

I have been really tired lately; exhausted really.  So have a lot of others apparently.   JavaDawn has been engaging us in a discussion of rest.  This has led to me examining rest in my own life.

In order for me to understand rest in its proper perspective, I need to know what God says about rest.  Obviously, rest can be indulged in to a sinful extreme; but that doesn’t mean that the Bible says to avoid it altogether.

Rest, specifically Sabbath rest, is a holy thing.  An example set by God in Creation Week and commanded by God for us to do likewise in the Ten Commandments.  In my search for Biblical rest, I found that sometimes God called people to do tasks which would exhaust them. (Ex 17:11-12, 2 Sam 23:9-10)  I found many examples of God promising rest (Jer. 31:25 or Mt. 11:28-30 for example).  I found that if I do not accept the rest God offers, that faith itself becomes a list of rules and must-do’s; and that I set myself up to become ensnared by the Enemy of my soul (Is 28:12-13).  Finally, I found encouragement to continue on in those things God has called me to (Gal. 6:9, 2 Thes. 3:13)

The next step was to examine those things in my life which make me feel rested.  I identified a few right off the bat.

(1) Spending time with my husband and talking with him.  John and I are looking for ways to really value and protect this time.

(2) Peace in our home. 

(3) A clean home.  As hard as it is for me to do, I think it’s time to simplify.  It will be much easier on all of us to “do our chores” when there isn’t so much clutter to conquer.

(4) Time to read.  Sundays after church is a great time to do this, if I can resist the temptation to finish my work which didn’t get done during the week.

This is an ongoing search.  I welcome your feedback.


3 thoughts on “The Value of Rest

  1. For about 4 years after my youngest son left for college, my need to rest, or be intentional about getting rest, diminished. There were only 2 days a week that I couldn’t sleep in or nap when I needed to. Now that I am keeping my two grandbabies 3 days a week, I can relate once again to your present struggles. Granted – 3 days a week of caring for babies isn’t the same as 24/7, but then again, I am neither young or healthy and my teenage daughter keeps me hopping, so I try not to be too hard on myself. Back to rest – there are now only 2 days a week that I *can* sleep in. My “Pollywog Creek Sabbath” posts are a bit of a “stop and smell the roses”, indicative of my awareness that I must be intentional about observing the Sabbath – not out of legalism, but because God is good and He knows that I *need* that day to rest more than I need to catch up on laundry. Just this past Sunday, God and I had the same “laundry” talk we had years before. I had not been home, except Thursday night, since Wednesday and knowing that Mason would be arriving at 6:00 am yesterday morning, I really, really wanted to get caught up on our laundry Sunday afternoon. BUT….God had proved Himself faithful to me years ago…that if I would only listen to Him and be obedient to what He says to me, that He will redeem my time and everything that He wants me to accomplish will happen. With a *sigh*, I did not do laundry on Sunday…or anything else that would be considered “work”….and yet here I sit on Tuesday morning all caught up in my work – more or less. I am also re-reading a book by Claire Cloninger called “A Place Called Simplicity” that encourages me to re-evaluate those places in my Monday through Saturday life where I can reduce chaos and therefore inject rest, and peace and calmness into my life and those who must live with me! =) I so wish I had these insights when I was younger, like you. You are so very wise! Love, Patricia

  2. Patricia– I am so very NOT! I think the Lord must use especially difficult object lessons with me because I am especially thick of head… ;o)

    Taking care of TWO grandbabies all day long three days/week is nothing to sneeze at my friend. I’d be tired too if I had to do that.

    Isn’t it wonderful how the Lord is faithful to make everything “work out” when we just trust him? Your Pollywog Creek Sabbaths are so lovely. I am so glad you share them with us.

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