Add It In, Add It In….

mac-n-cheese.jpgI know this may sound sacreligious to some but I am a big fan of macaroni and cheese (or as Anna would say, MAXaroni and cheese).  Not homemade, organic, or in any form healthy; just straight, from the box, flourescent orange macaroni and cheese.   I love it because it’s a big hit with the kids (even the picky ones who come to visit), it’s super fast and easy to make (great for when I’m strung out or  can’t get home in time to make dinner) and best of all it’s CHEAP!  At $0.33/box I can feed my entire family for under $1.00!  How great is that?

Now even my family gets tired of plain ol’ macaroni & cheese, so sometimes I like to add stuff in to make it interesting.  Here are a few of my favorites….

mac & cheese + browned hamburger = Classic Cheeseburger Helper

mac & cheese + leftover chili = Chili Mac   O.K. so you knew those two already, but how about…..

mac & cheese + taco meat + salsa over the top = Tex-Mex Casserole (I don’t think this qualifies as Tex-Mex, but that’s what the magazine called it)

mac & cheese + leftover chicken salad = Cheesy Chicken Casserole (This was surprisingly good and discovered quite by accident)

mac & cheese + leftover curry chicken salad = Welll…I don’t have a name for it yet, just my lame attempt at “fusion cuisine”, but let me tell you it’s WONDERFUL!  This is the only one my kids aren’t wild about, but they know better than to not eat it.

What do you like to add in? 


3 thoughts on “Add It In, Add It In….

  1. For those of you who don’t already have a recipe for Curry Chicken Salad, here’s mine. It really is yummy.

    Curry Chicken Salad

    2 1/2 c. cubed cooked chicken (or 2 large cans, drained)
    1/2 c. walnuts, chopped
    1/3 c. sliced celery
    2 TB sliced green onion
    1/3 c. mayonaise
    1/3 c. sour cream
    3/4 tsp. curry powder (I put in a whole tsp., but season to taste)
    1/8 tsp. cajun seasoning (again, increase or decrease to taste)

    O.K. the chopped walnuts in the mac & cheese is a little wierd, but the whole idea is to use stuff I have leftover in my fridge, so I take what I’ve got. The rest of the ingredients more than makes up for any initial wierdness.

  2. The last time we did anything with instant m&c was when we added Cream of Chicken and tuna and peas to it. Oh wait – the kids reminded me we also did ham chunks and pineapple and broccoli.

    You desecrate Curry Chicken Salad by putting it in m&c?!!!! (QUICK, someone bring me the smelling salts!!!) ; )

  3. Oh no, my dear, you quite misunderstand me. The Curry Chicken Salad is for sandwiches, but such girly food is not well tolerated by the testosterosauruses or by she-who-does-not-tolerate-chunks-in-her-food. Adding this ambrosia to the m&c is just my way of using up the leftovers before they go bad. Sigh. We do what we must. Not all of us have been blessed with so many lovely daughters.

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