Book Review: Bridge to Terebithia

gandalf.jpg Guest Contributor: Nate

This book is a classic, worthy of its Newberry Award and rivaled in beauty only by Where the Red Fern Grows.  The main characters of this book are a boy named Jesse Aarons and a girl named Lesslie Burkes.  Even though it didn’t look very promising at first, they became very close friends when they started to use their imaginations to create the fabulous and creative land of Terebithia, where they had many adventures.

As a warning, Leslie believes in animal rights and the Aarons think that church is very boring.  There is a strong belief in unidentified spirits and the Lord’s name is used very casually throughout the book.  Jesse’s older sisters are very nasty.  Other than that, Bridge to Terebithia  is a book fit for the affections of readers.


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