This ‘n That

A few scattered thoughts I wanted to share with you today… In my small effort to bring beauty and a woman’s touch to our home, I bring home cut flowers from the grocery from time to time.  My rule of thumb is to buy two bouquets to produce a nice, full flower arrangement; but with regular trimming of the cut ends and changing the water it usually lasts a couple of weeks.  Here is a picture of a beautiful arrangement of orange roses and pink tea roses to which I added a package of white tulips recently.  The effect was very pleasing.  The flowers were all on clearance for half-off which made it even better!dsc01812.JPG

Totally unrelated is how thankful I am for creature comforts and for God’s timing!  We woke up Saturday morning to a very cold house.  Our furnace was out and the part we needed couldn’t be bought until Monday.  We spent the weekend shifting the space heaters to the rooms where they were most needed.  It’s nice to have the heat back on, but the funny thing is…it wasn’t all that cold this weekend.  Not sweltering by any stretch of the imagination, but highs in the mid 30’s and not a lot of wind (which really chills the house down because we live in a wind corridor).  By contrast, now that the furnace is working again, the temps have dropped quite a bit and it’s supposed to be colder tomorrow.  Thank you Lord for keeping us warm this weekend!

As most of you already know, our family is just emerging from a week of battling the flu.  Due to a last-minute throw-up Saturday night, I stayed home with the baby Sunday from church and missed the family birthday party.  It’s been a long week, but today we went back to homeschool coop as usual.  I am so thankful for health restored!! 

Last bit of housekeeping…I made the offer to my sons that whenever they wrote a book or movie review I would post it on my blog.  They could be a guest blogger!  (Clever way for mom to get them to write more huh? ;o)


6 thoughts on “This ‘n That

  1. This is GORGEOUS!!!! Can you shrink it at all, so I can see it all in one swell foop?? (Maybe you better not. I’ll simply be jealous!) ; )

    SO glad to hear you have HEAT! This is important!! 😀

  2. Yeah, I gotta fix the pix. I posted it in a hurry on my way out the door last night, but I probably won’t have time to attend to it til later this afternoon. We’ve got a really demanding couple of days coming up. I think the flu bug has finally left our home–Hallelujah! Mavis had a day with it and so has Edmund, but I don’t think it hit either of them as hard as it hit us. Praise the Lord!!

  3. Dawn,
    Don’t waste your time being jealous…I think I only paid about $7.00 total for both of the bouquets and it’s not like my husband gave them to me or anything. It was just a really great find. Now if I could only figure out how to fix the pix so I could see it all at once! (They’re dead now, so the picture is all I have til my next trip to the grocery store. )

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