A Rather Delicate Subject….

Fair warning, the subject of these musings is well…hmmm…not exactly for polite company, it is more appropriate for those people in our lives we can be real around.  If you find yourself easily offended or consider yourself to belong to the former camp moreso than the latter, please direct your browser to another page, I won’t mind…in fact you’ll keep me from embarrassing myself.

For the rest of you, we are hitting several milestones in the Hilleson household that leave me with no other option than the realization that my baby is no longer a baby

Milestone #1–Emma recently hit a growth spurt and has now caught up in size to her 3 year old cousin (admittedly, said cousin is tiny for her age, but still…) 

Milestone #2–(this is where it gets a little delicate) She doesn’t really nurse anymore, when she asks to be nursed, she chews.  This is not o.k. with me.  Besides which, even though I bought these nursing bras when she was born, they’re pretty much shot…as in why do I bother wearing them anymore?  So after dropping Nathan off for Quiz Team practice I sneak off to that store in the mall to ummm….restock my drawer.

Milestone # 3–I have been receiving significant pressure to potty train Emma.  The first source is from my dear husband.  Wet/dirty diapers do not burn well in the burn barrell and she produces A LOT of them.  But the second source is from my father-in-law of all people!  I guess it makes sense, John’s parents take such joy in her…as I’ve said before that God has used her to minister joy to so many in her young life.  He says, “she’s so smart, I just know that if you put her on the potty, she’d learn in no time..” So to honor my husband (and his father) I buy a little seat to fit on the toilet (there is no room in our house for a stand alone model) and let her practice sitting on it…just to get used to it so she’s not scared.  To my dismay, she has pooped once and tinkled more times than I can count!  I still don’t think she’s physically ready for full time potty training, but STILL!  This is really too much!

I’m not ready for her to be weaned.  I’m not ready for her to be potty trained.  I was so foolish when the boys were little that I didn’t treasure the time I had with them as babies, I just kept looking forward to the next milestone.  Now that I have been given some small measure of wisdom to treasure the time that is now, it fleeting too fast!


4 thoughts on “A Rather Delicate Subject….

  1. It is definitely a world of mixed blessings…very difficult to watch kids grow up but what great stages our kids go through. Every stage is a mix of thrills and fears…it’s amazing how it works…enjoying your blog…

  2. Thank you both for stopping by! It certainly is a mixed bag of blessings. Recently my mother reminded me not only should I not focus so much on future milestones that I miss the present, but that I should also not focus so much on past stages that I also miss out on the present. Sigh. Busted.

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