Am I living in the Twilight Zone?

It is my two sons’ responsibility to shovel out the sidewalks at our house and the folks’ house after it snows.  In preparation for a predicted heavy snow last month I made an emergency run to town to make sure everyone had boots, hats, gloves. There was a foot of snow predicted and I wanted to make sure they were protected.  I casually asked “What size shoe are you wearing?” on my way out the door.  Son #1 replies “I wear a 10.”, Son #2 tells me “I wear a 9.”  I ask them to repeat that because I’m sure I didn’t hear them correctly.  They repeat the same non-sensical information.  My father only wears a size 8, my husband wears a size 11, these two haven’t even hit puberty yet, what business do they have wearing such man-sized shoes?  I don’t want to argue with them, they can always grow into the boots, right?  So I dutifully pick up size 9 and size 10 boots.  To my amazement they fit.  Perfectly. 

Fast forward to this week.  It’s been nagging at the back of my mind that my oldest son’s pants don’t look quite right.  They’re a little too tight in the back and a little too short at the bottom.  My mom-dar goes off because the result is pretty nerdy-looking and I try to steer him away from this department as much as possible since he has so much trouble fitting in with his peers.  Off we go for new jeans last night.  He had picked out a pair of 18’s from the boys dept. (A size not easy to find I tell ya.)  Nope.  Still too tight in back.  He argues, he thinks they’re just fine. (He really likes these jeans, and in his defense no one likes pants shopping with their mother.)  We make the transition to the mens dept.  Husband asks what size are we looking for…30×32 I reply.  Now it’s his turn for a double take.  He only wears a 32 or a 33 that must be too big.  Nope.  They were (sniff, sniff) perfect.

 What happened?  I feel like I’m living in a Twilight Zone episode where I woke up and it’s 20 years later than when I went to sleep.  My sons are making the transition from boys into men.  I’m not sure this mother’s heart is ready.  Is this the first alarm the Lord is sending to get my attention?  The clock is ticking…our time with them is limited…use it well.  Oh Father, shake me, wake me from my slumber!  What still remains to be done?  In which areas are they still unprepared?  In my foolishness I thought that childhood would last forever.  Help me know what you would have me do with the time we have left.


4 thoughts on “Am I living in the Twilight Zone?

  1. OH! Been there, done that this spring – from November to May this year, #1 son grew 8 inches!!! We had a time where I’d buy him pants and in 2 wks he’d outgrown them. It was so frustrating….and much too close to reminding me of how fleeting our time with them is. 😦

  2. One Sunday morning I looked at my 14 year old son standing in the pew next to me & he was eye level, the NEXT Sunday morning his eyes were taller than mine!!! When my first baby was born my dad told me to “just wait a week & they will be graduating from high school.”

    He was soooo right!

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