Shining Stars

star.jpg  My sister’s baby is being dedicated on Sunday, so I picked up something decorative to cross-stitch for her as a gift.  (Sue if you’re reading, I apologize for ruining the surprise.)  As soon as Anna saw it she wanted to help.  Now Anna is nowhere near having the fine motor skill to do this, but I didn’t want to squelch her desire, so Mavis and I picked up some plastic canvas stars, some gold and silver cording, and large yarn needles. 

I really wanted to get started on the present for my sister, but Anna was so excited, so last night we stitched together…up, down, up, down, weaving the silver thread through the plastic canvas.  Up, down, up, down, follow the pattern, Anna, where does it go next?

Ann has written the most touching post about getting the most out of life.  I’m glad I read it.  My natural inclination would have been to get to work on a project with a looming deadline, instead I held my 8 year old on my lap as we did her “up-downs” together. The Lord quietly spoke to my heart telling me that this is precious stuff indeed. Sue’s present can be late, and it probably will (sorry Sue), but the time I spent with my daughter last night is a treasure I could never replace.


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