A Thousand Gifts

We’re pretty late to the game, but Gabe (G), Nathan(N), Anna(A) and I  will be taking part in Ann’s “A Thousand Gifts”.  We won’t come up with anywhere near 1000 (even corporately), but it’s a good exercise.  As we compile our list, I will come back to this post and edit them in.

To view Ann’s original post go here.

1. flannel sheets, 2.  hot tea, 3.  scented candles, 4.  John’s strong arms around me, 5.  that he still whistles at me across the yard, 6.  staying home with my children, 7.  homeschooling, 8.  my parents & John’s parents are all still alive, 9.  fresh bread hot out of the oven, 10.  the constancy of God, 11.  listening to the children play the piano, 12.  listening to John or Gabe play the guitar,  13.  all my children love to read, 14.  Christian fellowship, 15.  JavaFriends, 16.  a warm house, 17.  vehicles that work, 18.  the farm, 19.  good books, 20.  cooking magazines, 21.  dark chocolate, 22. dedicated & talented pastoral staff, 23.  legos-N, 24.  that my golden birthday was the first golden birthday among the kids-N (pretty important for a second born to be first at something!), 25.   my parents-N, 25.  my family-N, 26.  my books-N, 27.  TV-N, 28.  movies-N, 29. parents-G, 30. family-G, 31. computer games-G, 32. TV-G, 33. toys-G, 34. that God is good-G, 35. that Jesus died for me-G, 36. Christian family-G, 37. food&drink-G, 38.  a good home-G, 39.  (Dad’s) job to provide money-G, 40.  a healthy body-G, 41.  medical & dental care when needed-G, 42.  friends-G, 43.  a chance to be homeschooled-G, 44. freedom of religion-G, 45.  books-G,   46.  Emma’s laugh,  47.  Good Days,  48. The boys are so helpful to me  49.  My inlaws–all of them–sometimes I can’t believe my good fortune in marrying into this family!  50.  No more chemo ’til 2007!  51.  Mavis aced her cognitive functioning test today!  52.  Laughing with my husband  53.  Hugs  54.  Sleeping late on Saturday mornings  55.  First morning’s coffee  56.  The scent of lavendar  57.  Restful Sunday afternoons  58.  A full night’s sleep!


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