The Lord Goes Before Us

I wanted to give a report from our “weekend” away last weekend to pray.  (O.K. it was only 24 hours, but that’s par for the course with John and I)

We got to Dubuque around dinner time, had a fun and fabulous dinner at a Japanese hibachi grill across the parking lot from the hotel, then checked into our room and watched a History Channel special about the Navaho codetalkers in WWII until bedtime.

I woke up quite a bit earlier than my dh so I spent the time reading my Bible (I’m in the book of Jeremiah right now.)  When John woke up we went down to breakfast together.  The couple we sat with told us this incredible story about how when their daughter was pregnant with her second child, the dr. couldn’t find a heartbeat.  The daughter was “really pro-life” (I didn’t get the feeling the issue was all that important one way or the other to the couple we were sitting with) and didn’t want to get a D&C; she just wanted to let the miscarriage happen naturally.  The daughter developed a fever and the dr. thought the baby was poisoning her body, so she went in.  Thankfully the dr. checked the baby one last time, because there was a very strong heartbeat and now they have a lovely little girl!  Wow.  God at work.  I don’t even know this family, but I am in awe of how God is making Himself known in their lives…but I’m getting off the topic.

After breakfast, John and I spent the rest of the morning in prayer until it was time to check out of the hotel; then we leisurely made our way home, spending the driving time talking through the issues we had been praying about that morning.

One of the most pressing issues dealt with our sons’ involvement in Boy Scouts.  Both John and I had been feeling like the time they spent in Boy Scouts was not beneficial for either of our sons, but especially our oldest, Gabe.  Neither of us wanted to pull them out because it’s something so important to Gabe and we knew it would really cause a lot of distress. Gabe is our son with BP and we were both perfectly reasonable to expect yelling, screaming, raging, crying, wailing, throwing things, etc. for an extended period of time because this has happened in the past when he gets really worked up.  It’s not an excuse and it doesn’t make our decisions for us, but it is always in the back of our minds.  As we talked the issue through together, it became very evident that the Lord wanted us to take the two boys out of scouting.  My prayer quickly changed from “Lord show us your will” to “Lord please go before us and prepare his heart”.

Yesterday afternoon I had to break the news to the boys (scout meeting that night).  Ordinarily, it would’ve been up to John, or at least both of us together, but the way the timing of the conversation went, he said all he would have time to do is run over to the house, tell them we were pulling them out of scouts, then leave.  (A disaster in the making to be sure.) I told him I would handle it.  We prayed one last time and I took the boys somewhere quiet so we could talk.  God in his faithfulness, gave me the words to say and in an unmistakable answer to prayer, Gabe took it really well.  He shed a few tears and wailed a very little, but he took it more manfully than I could have ever expected.  It was so un-natural, so un-carnal it had the Lord’s fingerprints all over it.

We didn’t get all our questions answered that weekend, but we got a good start and we decided that if we can just get far enough away from home to pray and talk we could solve all our problems.  Many thanks to all who were praying for us.


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