Christmas is Comin’….

This post is in response to Dawn’s question (and our current chapter in No Ordinary Home) about our holiday plans and what makes them special.  Before addressing Christmas, I must address what we are doing for Thanksgiving this year.

All of the brothers/sisters and as many of their children as possible are coming home for Thanksgiving.  This makes it special as it is.  I have sent out letters to over 100 (I think) people from my mother in law’s address book, inviting them to write a letter to Mavis and Edmund honoring them for their service to God, their service to country, their service to community, their role as a relative, or a special memory. (I had special stationery made up with their wedding picture on it with Proverbs 21:21 written on it “He who pursues righteousness and love finds life, prosperity and honor.”)  I am so excited to see the outpouring of love that will come in for them.  On Thanksgiving day, we will honor my husband’s parents by going around the table reading these letters which will have come in. (Shhhh, it’s a surprise though, so don’t tell them!)

For Christmas this year, I don’t know what the Lord has in store for us, except that He has quietly led both John and I to the point where we do not want to participate in the adult gift exchange. (This is kind of a big thing for me because I really love gifts.  I love giving them.  I kinda like getting them too.)  I will also be working through Ann V’s Christmas devotions with my children.  In years past, the Lord has given me a special message to send out in my Christmas cards.  Last year He gave me a special message to share with a group of ladies who needed a speaker for their Christmas Tea.  I hope He does something like that again this year, but I will not presume upon His plans for me, I just want to remain open to them.


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