Beer Lahai Roi


Beer Lahai Roi

I have a confession to make.  I have been travelling through some pretty dark days lately.  It’s not easy for me to talk about it with anyone besides my husband, but it’s true.  It’s partially seasonal, partially hormonal, partially due to fatiuge and self-imposed expectations.  Sundays have always been the most vulnerable for whatever reason.  Two Sundays ago, I walked into church in acute emotional pain…I felt like I was bleeding.  Last Sunday I walked into church completely void of any emotion.  Praise was truly a sacrifice that day.  Both days I remember thinking “Why doesn’t anyone notice?  How could someone in their midst be in this much pain and no one notices?”  (In my church’s defense I must admit I’m a pretty good actress and can put on a insincere smile and say “Fine, how are you?” just as cheerfully as the next person)  Both Sundays the Lord brought the same words to my mind…”You are the God who sees me.” (Genesis 16:13)  He knew.  He noticed.  He would reach out to me, if only I had the faith of a disobedient maidservant to respond to Him.




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