The Other Side of Farm Living

I LOVE living on the farm.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.  When I drive into town to do errands I like to look at the houses, but it’s a love/hate relationship so to speak.  I’m drawn to the beauty and architecture of the older houses, inspired by the stories they must have to tell.  At the same time I feel a little sinking in my stomach, a tightening of my chest as I try to imagine what it would be like to live there…the yards are so small, where would I put a garden?  Where would I plant flowers?  Where would I find solitude?  Where is there room to breathe?  I don’t just love living on the farm, I’m in love living on it.  The peach, pear, apple, and crabapple trees are all loaded this year.  The grape vines and blackberry bush as well (and I’ve already told you about the black raspberries).  I’m amazed and touched at how God provides for us in this way.  I love living on our farm.  I have a rocking chair and side table on our breezeway that is my personal spot for solitude in the mornings.  In the cool of the morning I can go out to my special spot with my cup of gano-coffee and read my Bible, pray, and/or meditate on the way creation gives glory to God in its own special way (led in song by the birds).  It’s so peaceful there before the children get up.  I love living on our farm.  But there’s another side to farm living.My family thought it was hysterically funny that out of all the siblings, I would be the one to end up living on the farm.  You see as a child, I was prissy to a fault (still am a little).  Worse than that, I have TERRIBLE allergies, so you can see where waking up in the middle of a cornfield might not always have its advantages, like the last two weeks in July when everything is pollinating.  The symptoms can almost knock me out of commission.  As a young maiden who didn’t know anything about anything and filled her head with foolish notions I dreamed of marrying my Prince Charming.  He would be a stylish dresser who made lots of money and lived in a beautiful house in the city with AIR CONDITIONING.  Boy am I glad the Lord saved me from myself!!


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