The Literary Luncheon


This past Wednesday, Anna hosted a group of 9 girls on our patio for a “Young Ladies Literary Luncheon” for her 8th birthday.  The menu featured foods from some of her favorite children’s books  and the girls wore old-fashioned hats from great grandmothers on both sides of the family.  For party favors, I copied off some coloring pages of famous masterpieces from and each girl was given her own box of crayons ($0.10 each from Wal-Mart, woo-hoo!)  Nathan helped me make foam crowns in pink and lavendar with each girl’s name on it.  The piece de resistance was a scented potpourri bags Anna and I assembled together in rose and lavendar scents.  It was a very “girly” event.  Gabe even stepped in as waiter/busboy, dressed in black pants, white shirt and tie.   MENU Little Bo Peep Pot Pie – D.W. the Picky Eater  Peanut Butter Sandwich—A Friend for Fraidy CatBread and Jam—Bread and Jam for FrancisCream Cheese, Cucumber, & Tomato on Rye—Bread and Jam for Francis   Strawberries—The Very Hungry CaterpillarCherries—Bread and Jam for FrancisGrapes—Bread and Jam for Francis   Cupcakes—The Very Hungry CaterpillarIce Cream—The Very Hungry Caterpillar   Grape Lemonade—Raggedy Ann Learns a Lesson






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