The Depth of Sweetness


The verdict is in.  We went en masse to the oncologist’s office yesterday a.m. and they assigned us the family room.  The dr. cleared his schedule of four other patients so he could take the time to talk to us and answer all of our questions.  Like turning a corner or stepping through a door, we can never go back.  My dear, sweet, cherished father-in-law has cancer.  Multiple myeloma is not curable.  The average lifespan is four years, but because of dad’s age and other complicating factors we are hoping for three.  Yesterday we took in way more information than our brains could process and we experienced a new kind of frustration at trying to find a pharmacy that actually carried the new expensive pills the dr. ordered.(It took all day yesterday with two trips to town and a third today to acquire them all BTW.)  The fatigue is more than physical, but through it all the hand of the Lord has been upon us.  He has lavished His love on us through the thoughtfullness of others.  My mom has brought over countless meals, and watched my kids all day yesterday so I could go the appt and look for meds.  Even though my dad is really busy, he spent many hours over here helping my husband and brother in law build a ramp so dad won’t have to go up and down the stairs.  The pastor at our church took my boys to a church sponsored swim party last night so we could stay home.

Even more marked than that has been a depth of sweetness that has settled over my husband and me.  We experienced it several years ago during a time of trial.  It is unmistakably a gift from God that brings a new level of depth of enjoyment to our relationship with one another.  When the time of trial was over the gift was gone and I almost wished that the trial would return so we could have it back. (Not that there was anything wrong with our marriage mind you, just that I missed that added depth.)  Perhaps this is part of the Peace that passes all understanding.  Whatever it is the Glory goes to the Lord and I am a very grateful recipient of this unmerited gift from a loving Father to a tired and saddened child.




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