Anna’s reading books for this next home school year came via UPS yesterday. (I chose the Hear Me Read series by Mary Manz Simon, available from Concordia House Publishing in case you’re interested).  John’s sister Kristen is staying with Edmund and Mavis again.  She is a reading specialist and expressed interest in looking at them.  This does not threaten me, so I got them out for us to look at together.  Anna asked if she could look at them and I told her that she could as long as Kristen or I were there because I didn’t want the books to get lost or damaged before we could use them.  She promptly sat down and started reading them out loud, with moderate proficiency and appropriate inflection.  I know that she was not reading this fluently at the beginning of the summer.  I know I have not worked with her on her reading as I had originally intended.  Somehow reading clicked for her when no one was looking.  To God Be The Glory!!

She read several books out loud to Grandma and Grandpa.  This brought them much joy.  Just as Emma has been “the minister of cuteness” (and I take that quite seriously :o)  It looks like God is equipping Anna to do the good work He has set aside for her to do in caring for Grandma and Grandpa.  Lift up His Name, God is so faithful…to us…to Himself…this is just what His word said He would do.  It still fills my heart with more than a bit of awe.


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